Turned Marble Flower Vase

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This eclectic marble vase has been crafted by artisans using the stone turning technique. Traditional meets contemporary in this unique, masterfully crafted offering that has been sculpted from polished marble. The craft of hand turning dates back eons. A skilled artisan fixes a rough-hewn circular block of marble at the head of the traditional lathe machine and hammers it in place by hand. The machine begins whirring as the artisan introduces a hand-held chisel to the block, and applies varying degrees of pressure to sculpt the desired shape and to smoothen the edges

Color : White

Production Method : Stone Turning

Material Description : Marble

Size (L x B x H) : 4.03 x 4.03 x 7 Inches

Weight : 2700 grams

Disclaimer : This product has been handcrafted from natural marble, one piece at a time. No two slabs of marble are alike due to the natural veining and spotting pattern of the material. The handmade process further lends exclusivity to this offering, making it unique

Pack Contents : 1 Vase