Longpi Pottery Coffee mug

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This monotone coffee mug has been handcrafted using the ethnic craft of longpi pottery. Longpi pottery is the paragon of a traditional craft in a contemporary form. Longpi is a tiny village in North-Eastern India, known for its black stone pottery. It has taken the lead outside the state and made a mark with its black earthenware handcrafted by the Tangkhul tribe of the village. This mug has an earthy aesthetic and is uniquely handmade and molded without using a potter's wheel with natural elements like earthenware clay, serpentine rocks, and weathered rocks. The artisan cuts, carves and, molds the clay and black serpentine rock together using hand-held tools before introducing the piece to high temperatures. The essential technique of this art is said to be handed down from the Neolithic period

Color :Black

Production Method :Pottery

Material Description :Black clay

Size(L x B x H) :3 x 3 x 3 Inches

Care Description :Wash under lukewarm running water after use

Disclaimer :The deep dark hue comes from a combination of the rocks and of course the firing! Since different varieties of rocks are used, you can notice hints of dark brown, rust or charcoal grey if you look closely

Pack Contents :1 Coffee Mug