Knitted Cotton Cushion cover

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This knitted cotton cushion cover is a completely hand-knitted offering made by proficient North Indian artisans. Hand knitting is a technique that involves the use of two needles to loop yarn into a series of interconnected loops to create a finished fabric. It is derived from the word knot and has become a less necessary skill and more like a practiced art or hobby. This cushion cover features a concealed zip closure at the back for convenience. The artisans first come up with designs on paper, and then trace them on the textile. This enables a sharp design with no room for errors. The origin or introduction of knitting in India is lost to history. Similar to other handicraft techniques, knitting too has prevailed as an artistic expression and even adopted as a hobby in the 21st century

Color : White

Production Method : Knitting

Hidden Details : Concealed zip closure at the back

Material Description : Cotton

Size (L x B x H) : 16 x 16 x 0 Inches

Weight : 150 grams

Care Description : Gentle hand wash or low cycle machine wash inside out

Disclaimer : This product is made using cotton, so there may be minor inherent color and design variations, lending exclusivity to each offering, making every product one-of-a-kind

Pack Contents : 1 unit of Cushion Cover