Hand Painted Jaipur Pottery Soap Dish

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This beautiful floral soap dish is kiln-fired and hand-painted by deft artisans. Instead of common clay, a 'dough' for the pottery is prepared by combining quartz stone powder, powdered glass, fullers earth, borax, gum and water. It is slow-fired to meticulously bring the dough and the glazes together. Firing is the process of introducing an object to a high temperature, to a point that the raw materials mature and bake. Once the item is baked, the artisan sketches a design by using markers and stencils. A range of brushes of varying thickness and a host of permanent dyes are employed to create intricate and exclusive hand-painted designs. Traditional motifs, figurines, patterns, and floral designs are the most prized designs on these items. Lively colors, especially cobalt blue dyes are used to impart a distinct and eye-catching look to the product. The handicrafts and colors are reminiscent of the distinctive aesthetic appeal of Rajasthani artwork

Color : Multicolor

Production Method : Pottery

Material Description : Quartz stone powder, fuller's earth and powdered glass

Size (L x B x H) : 5 x 4 x 1.3 Inches

Weight : 260 grams

Disclaimer : Handcrafted

Pack Contents : 1 Soap dish